Therapeutic turpentine baths

Therapeutic turpentine baths
 Therapeutic turpentine baths, as a means of external applications, have a positive effect on the human body by acting on the skin. With this function activated nervous, autonomic and endocrine systems, strengthens the immune system.

In order to properly make turpentine bath, you first need the correct amount of turpentine mixture. Typically, this indicator points to 200 liters of water. Most flats bathtubs, whose length is in the range from 1, 5 to 1, 70 m. If the person in the bathroom sink, the amount of water in it will be about 100-150 liters. If little or angular bath, the volume of water in it is smaller. Hence, for proper cooking bath, the amount of turpentine mixture taking better in milliliters per unit volume and take 100 l of water.

Due to the fact that the rate is 10-20 baths reception procedures, the initial amount of the emulsion should be in the range of from 10 to 15 ml, diluted in 100 liters of water. For each subsequent administration, the number of white emulsion should be increased to 2 ml, while the maximum amount should not exceed 60 ml / 100 l of water. If the mixture is used as a turpentine yellow solution, then it is necessary to increase the concentration of each 5 mL reception, leading to a similar white emulsion with the maximum value.

Turpentine baths must not only right thing to do, but also to take. This requires determining the water temperature, which depends on the patient's age, his individual sensitivity and the type of bath, the nature of the disease, the duration of the course. Despite the individual approach to the selection of the optimum temperature, many authors monographs are advised to begin to take a bath, the water temperature is equal to 36 ┬░ C, after a few minutes, the temperature should be increased by a few degrees. The temperature of the water baths in the last course, on completion of the procedure, can reach 42oS.

The time spent in treatment turpentine bath also calculated depending on the water temperature, the number of procedures and passed from being a patient. The average reception bath lasts 12-17 minutes. It should be noted that the procedure for receiving a bath of turpentine can be done each day, and at intervals of 1-2 days, wherein the duration of the course may be at 10 and 30 days.

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