Spa treatment

Spa treatment
 Spa treatments - has long been considered until now one of the most effective treatments for many diseases. In addition to the mass of useful properties, allowing them to take a seat next to modern chemical medicines, mineral water ways to quench their thirst, refreshing and toning.
 In spite of the natural origin of mineral water, it can be used only in patients who have no contraindications. In addition, the treatment or prevention must pass under certain conditions. First, you need to install the correct mode of wakefulness and sleep, and secondly - to follow a diet. To achieve positive results, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment only.

You need to know that not all mineral waters have the same effect on the body. Therefore, treatment should be administered only by qualified personnel and only after testing.

Depending on the disease and method of treatment varies mineral waters: the oral route (when a doctor prescribes drinking water), rectal (conducting directly into the colon), inhalation technique.

Drinking water treatment is the most common and is indicated for diseases of the stomach, intestine and duodenum 12; metabolic disorders; in diseases of the urinary tract; If you have problems with the respiratory tract and oral cavity.

In the treatment of mineral waters should be guided by some recommendations for their use. Drink mineral water should be slowly and in small sips. During this process, it is desirable to be in motion. Best suited quiet walk in the fresh air. Volley allowed to drink water only if it has a bad taste.

A single dose, and the treatment itself as mineral water, shall designate physician. It should depend not only on the individual patient, but also on the salinity and ionic composition of the water. A single dose may vary from one tablespoon to a few glasses. But in any case, welcome mineral water should start gradually, not immediately start with the prescribed dose. Initially, it will be enough to take only a third of it. The course of treatment lasts for three to four weeks; performed by two procedures a week.

Drink mineral water must be of special ceramic feeder cup with a spout or through a straw, because a large amount of salts and other. active components greatly destroy tooth enamel.

The most useful mineral water - taken directly from the source, rather than store bought. Therefore, for best results, you must undergo treatment in specialized sanatoriums built near the mineral springs.

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