Return the hair!

Return the hair!
 The problem of hair loss today are faced not only men but also women. There is a large amount of money to solve the problem of hair loss, but at the moment the most effective way to get rid of this problem is hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation was first performed in 1939 by Dr. Okuda of Japan. Doctor taking patient's neck with small pieces of skin with a diameter of about 4 millimeters, and then transplanted them into the burned skin, and there grow normal hair. This technique was lost after the death of the doctor. In 1952, an American dermatologist Orentreich revived this technique. In 1983, a surgeon from the United States for the first time Murray transplanted hair individual hair follicles. And after almost twenty years of surgeons Bernstein and Rossman was proposed to transplant hair in small associations. Today transplant such an association, the name of the follicular units, gives a high guarantee results of operations.

The most urgent problem of hair loss for men and women but there are problems of this kind. Female Pattern Baldness male harder, so you need to choose a surgeon very carefully. Important here have skin structure and quality of women's hair.

It is possible to transplant is the artificial hair, but there must be borne in mind that such hair will no longer grow. In addition, often do not survive such hair, can form scars begin suppuration, hair can fall out. Test biocompatibility usually conducted before the operation is not always able to guarantee the absence of side effects.

The main advantage of artificial hair transplantation can be considered that the outcome of the transaction can be seen immediately, and such transplants can be carried out many times before, as long as you reach the ideal result.

Hair transplantation is contraindicated in those people who have found a bleeding disorder. Operation itself is generally performed under local anesthesia, it does not require sutures. As a side effect, you can select the appearance of edema, scabs on his head. These effects disappear after a few days, and after three or four days longer hair can be washed with shampoo.

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