Refractive laser surgery: laser vision correction

Refractive laser surgery: laser vision correction
 About how it would be excellent to have good eyesight, most people remember when it has long been spoiled. Vision problems are experiencing a huge number of people. This is due to the fact that in this way you have to pay for the use of the various benefits of civilization: before people could often looked away, spent more time in the air and moving. Now, people spend most of their life in a stuffy room, move a little, and look mainly at the TV or monitor screen.

Refractive operations are performed using a laser, and laser surgery, in turn, is considered one of the most promising areas in medicine.

To date, one of the latest developments of laser refractive surgery is laser vision correction, which is the most gentle way of surgical correction. After surgery, laser correction can get rid of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

During operation the laser beam acts directly on the cornea. This beam can be controlled via the computer and the target program is directed at eliminating visual defects. Thus, the surface of the optical lens of the eye is aligned so that the light rays by the lens begin very clearly focus on the retina.

The main advantage of this method is very accurate exposure, which is why such an operation can be done on both eyes at once.

After the surgery, within 10 days must be instilled in the eye special drops to help them recover faster. Also, you should try at least one week to not sleep on this side, where the operated eye; do not put pressure on the eye and do not rub it; Prevent it flushed with water or soap; in the three months to refrain from visiting the sauna, swimming pool or sauna; do not go out without sunglasses on the street.

Another advantage of this method of laser vision correction is a long preservation result. Vision may persist for decades, but in some age-related changes laser correction still can not influence.

The operation of laser vision correction has been used for 25 years, and a large number of people around the world have been able to afford to return the natural ability of man - all good to see.

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