Problems with nails: how to treat

Problems with nails: how to treat
 Face and hands while talking attract the attention of your interlocutor. The general idea of ​​a stranger, and develops from that, what is the extent of his grooming, how much he cares about himself, his appearance. As a person during a conversation hands hide impossible, therefore, to not feel awkward or ashamed of their hands, skin and nails them to be healthy. If you have problems with nails, then you need to take action and cure them.
 If your nails began to delaminate, crack, it could have happened because you do not protect your hands while working on the farm. If you do not use special protective cream or gloves when washing dishes or wash by hand, the most potent agents disastrous will act on the nail structure that will lead to their bundle. To remedy the situation, a course of treatment and during the month of drink vitamin supplements, part of which has zinc and calcium. Cover the nails with a protective varnish and cream, do not forget to wear gloves. Can exfoliate nails and if you have a fungal infection, so, just in case, consult your physician.

Longitudinal grooves on the nails may indicate a violation of gastrointestinal function. You may be too intense remove the cuticle, using sharp tools and solid when manicure. Take your vitamins E and in the group B. To the defect was not visible, use lacquer-based, which will fill the grooves and make your nails even and smooth.

If you notice that the color of nail changed, they have acquired a yellow tint, the cause may be heavy smoking, problems with the liver and gall bladder or permanent use of decorative paints dark tones. Try to regain their color with a special varnish lightening, wipe them with hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice. Under dark varnish, use a colorless substrate.

White spots from time to time appear on the nails -priznak hormonal imbalance or lack of calcium in the body. Pass a medical examination. Stains can also occur due to the fact that the nail enters the bubble, wait until it grows back and cut.
Protect your hands and nails to dry, use a daily moisturizer that will protect your nails from calving. Rub the cream massage movements to increase blood flow to the nails.

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