Pistils, stamens allergy summer

Pistils, stamens allergy summer
 Summer, sun, Tumult - live and be happy. But there are people who are not waiting for this time of year. How Come? The whole reason pistils, stamens, which does not mean, scatter pollen in the air, causing some allergies. And instead of enjoying the greenery and roll in the grass, these unfortunates are forced to limit their exposure to fresh air.

Allergies - this is a very high sensitivity to certain substances (allergens) that it perceives as a threat and begins to attack these particles. In summer it is pollen "guilty" in exacerbating allergies, because it is quite a strong allergen and causes a variety of allergic reactions: irritation of the nose and throat, itching.

This very seasonal pollen allergy specialists called hay fever, which, incidentally, can be smoothly transformed into bronchial asthma. A particularly high percentage of people with allergies among urban residents. This is because the urban smog and absorbs pollen like it hangs in the air does not sag, and city dwellers breathe this cocktail.

And what do you do? Tightly close all windows and doors in the summer and spend that time in the four walls? Well, it's not! With this disease must be fought by all available forces and means available.

First we need to identify what kind of pollen appears response. After verification is possible to determine the most dangerous time period (when these plants are blooming) and make your own strategy to fight with his illness. It is worth noting that in some centers offer the service to identify the allergen by a blood test, which can significantly reduce the search time.

All methods of treating allergies can be divided into 3 main method. The first is the stimulation of secretion of immunotherapy IgG and others. The second method - is the use of drugs which suppress allergic reactions. And the third - a traditional medicine, change of lifestyle, leaving behind some habits and everything that can be connected with it.

In any case, everyone decides what strategic line of treatment to choose. The most important thing is not to delay the start of treatment and is not related to allergies, as a pesky little thing, because the consequences can be anything but pleasant.

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