Pelvic massage

Pelvic massage
 Pelvic massage was developed in the second half of the 19th century Tour Brandt. At the end of the same century, pelvic massage became widespread in Russia. This type of massage requires extensive experience and broad knowledge of a specialist to implement it.

Pelvic massage shows women with a variety of gynecological diseases. Its objectives are to improve the circulation of the pelvic organs, withdrawal symptoms of stagnation, improving muscle tone of the uterus, and many others. Massage performed by all the rules, can not only have a positive effect on the diseased organ, but also improve the overall health of women.

Prerequisite destination gynecological massage sessions are normal temperature of the patient, the good performance of biochemical blood tests, no changes in the cervix and vaginal discharge.

During the massage, the woman lies on a gynecological chair. The doctor should carry out massage only after the patient gives recommendations on proper breathing during a massage and relaxation of muscles of the abdominal wall. Manipulating should be thoroughly washing of the external genitalia and female doctor's hands. Performing manipulation, the physician should always pay attention to the reaction of the patient, in the event of pain should stop massage.

Massage movements are carried out with both hands. Fingers of one hand you need to massage the internal organs of a small basin, the other hand should be done by massage movements of the abdominal wall. During a pelvic massage performed manipulations such as pressure, stretching and stroking the soft tissues. Gynecological massage on a special gynecological chair or a special massage table with foot rests. Duration of massage is selected strictly individually for each patient based on her diagnosis.

Contraindications to massage may be different diseases, such as inflammations, tumors of various kinds, ectopic pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, the presence of suppuration and others.

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