Manchurian Aralia: composition, properties and treatment aralia

Manchurian Aralia: composition, properties and treatment aralia
 In the well-known medicinal plants, Manchurian Aralia (aralia mandschurica), the popular name of a very remarkable - damn tree. Negative sense, however, this feature is not present: Aralia - a very valuable and useful plant. It is believed that drugs from him have a stimulating effect on the central nervous system is much more powerful than the famous ginseng.

In Russia Aralia grows widely in the Primorye Territory. It can be found in the undergrowth and felling coniferous, mixed, deciduous forests. The main signs immediately help you find Aralia: its tree height of 1, 5-2 m resembles a palm tree, as ovate leaves actively shape the crown on top of the barrel. Wrinkled trunk is also noteworthy: it is covered with numerous spines, thorns. Inflorescence resembles spreading umbrella. Aralia blooms in July and August with small yellowish-white flowers, of which by mid-September ripen fruit - blue-black berries with five stones.

Crude drug made from the roots. Outside they - brown inside - whitish hue with a fibrous structure. The chemical composition of the roots of today still insufficiently studied. It is generally recognized that they contain vitamins B, ascorbic acid, triterpene saponins - aralosides A, B, C, phytosterols. Found in the "Aral pharmacists" as alkaloids, essential oils, fatty acids, resins.

Dig up the roots of Aralia for drug use or early spring or late fall before the first frost.

In the folk and scientific medicine used tincture and powder of roots. They are considered a tonic, stimulant and tonic means. Indications - physical and mental tension, the decline of performance, general weakness of the body after diseases, impotence. Drugs on the basis of Aralia treat a number of nervous and mental diseases. It helps patients suffering psychasthenia, neurosis, neurasthenia, schizophrenia.

Tincture of the root Aralia cure hypertension, sleep disorders. Clinically proven that its use improves appetite.

Pharmacy alcoholate Aralia as a cardiotonic agent is taken once or twice a day for 15-20 drops. Dissolve their recommended in cooled boiled water.

With fatigue, easy depressed, you can use a tincture prepared independently. For this purpose it is necessary to dry the root bark, grind, 1 tablespoon pour 500 ml of vodka and put in a dark cool place. Infuse for a month, shaking occasionally. Take 30-40 drops, diluted with water, twice or three times per day.

Contraindications against the use of drugs based on Aralia is. This increased excitability of the nervous system and insomnia.

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