Implants in operations to rejuvenate and improve the shape face

Implants in operations to rejuvenate and improve the shape face
 Plastic Surgery - popular and demanded a branch of medicine. In recent years, an increasing number of different techniques, which are regularly updated and supplemented. In each case, the patient choose the most appropriate set of techniques with the use of which will achieve the desired maximum results. Using the latest tools and materials allow plastic surgeons to do the impossible.  

According to the majority of patients, facial implants are used for reconstruction and replenishment zones persons underdeveloped at birth or lost due to injuries. However, in the hands of high quality plastic surgery, facial prostheses are also a means of rejuvenation. Statement of implants used to enhance facial contours. Implants allow you to create a more harmonious appearance person, balancing the cheeks or chin with the rest of the face, or to strengthen the line of the chin.

Face contour can significantly improve the appearance and add confidence. As a rule, the need for such operations occurs in young patients, as they are often dissatisfied with, for example, a depressed shape of the chin. A statement of the implant in the chin area substantially restore its shape. Older people may require tightening of facial skin, together with the production of implants in the cheeks to create a more youthful appearance. Implants literally "fill" a person who seems tired or "sunken".

Duration setting operation of the endoprosthesis according to the cheekbones is usually about 30 - 45 minutes. If implantation is performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery, such as eyelid surgery or forehead lift, lift the face, lay the prosthesis through an incision from other operations. In the individual case, incisions are made on the upper side lip or oral mucosa. Statement of the endoprosthesis is performed in a pocket formed under the skin. The first time after the operation will be difficult to smile and chew. The sutures are absorbed approximately 10 days.

Duration setting operation of the endoprosthesis in the region of the mandible is 1 - 2 hours. To have access to create a pocket into which the implant is installed, run the hidden incisions on both sides of the lower lip. Only used absorbable sutures, which is very convenient. After 24 - 48 hours after surgery edema is formed across the lower jaw. Most of the swelling goes after a few days, however minor swelling will remain still for 1 - 2 months. During the recovery period must be especially careful to follow oral hygiene. The ability to fully chew and smile will be partially limited by the first few days.

Implants are made of solid silicone, which is not harmful to the body, according to research. However, when setting implants as with any surgery there is a possibility of infection in the tissues. In the case of inflammation around the implant, and the impossibility of its relief antibiotics, the implant is removed temporarily.

The recovery period is quite fast. However, you should observe basic safety precautions. The final formation of face contour takes several weeks or even months. The result will be amazing and a lot of people and do not guess the presence of the implant.

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