How to treat hyperthyroidism

How to treat hyperthyroidism
 Hyperthyroidism - a painful condition that is caused by excessive levels of thyroid hormones. As a result, in the human metabolism are sharply accelerated. We can say that the metabolism is now happening literally "in haste". How to treat hyperthyroidism?
 A person suffering from hyperthyroidism, experiencing constant hunger, but despite the fact that eating a lot more than usual, losing weight. Often he feels well and constant thirst. Characteristic signs of hyperthyroidism are also disorders of the cardiovascular system, digestion (diarrhea) and excessive urination, sweating, tremor (shaking of the limbs).

First, you must make the correct diagnosis because there are cases when patients suffering from thyrotoxicosis, inexperienced doctors suspect problems down the line cardiology or gastroenterology and, accordingly, conducted the wrong treatment.

Depending on the severity of hyperthyroidism and the general state of the patient's physician may resort to any of the three main methods of treatment: surgical, medical or treatment with radioactive iodine.

Surgery is used in cases where other treatments have been ineffective, or if the thyroid gland is excessively increased in size or suspected malignancy.

When medication the patient must take drugs that suppress the activity of the thyroid gland, as well as "compensate" disorders of the nervous system. For example, drugs such as "propranolol", "Diltiazem", potassium iodide. Prerequisite - strict adherence to the schedule of medication and regular monitoring of treatment by an endocrinologist.

How is radioactive iodine treatment? The patient takes the capsule, or a liquid containing the substance. Iodine has the ability to accumulate in the thyroid gland. Due radioactivity thyroid cells gradually die and replaced by connective tissue cells. Treatment in most cases, quite effectively, but has a significant side effect: the function of the thyroid gland can be reduced, which is insufficient for normal functioning of the body. If this happens, the patient will always have to take hormones.

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