How to treat dermatitis

How to treat dermatitis
 Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that appears under the influence of external stimuli. To select the correct treatment, it is necessary to determine the kind of dermatitis.
 The main stimuli that become a source of disease, are the sun's rays, mechanical irritation, high or low temperatures, chemical agents, etc. Dermatitis most often occurs in people with sensitive skin. Many disease can begin after contact with detergents (laundry detergent, cosmetics, skin care) or when working with paint materials.

Acute stage of the disease accompanied by the formation of skin vesicles of different sizes, inside of which is a liquid, and occurrence of erosion. Of course, you must first remove the cause of the disease, and to get rid of the rash is recommended to use wet lotions. As a rule, bandages soaked in a broth of herbs.

Subacute stage accompanied by the appearance of scales and crusts. This is a secondary infection, which requires a more extensive treatment. Need to see a specialist, who will select the optimum antibiotic ointment that is applied as a dressing on the affected skin.

If dermatitis is itchy in nature, it is necessary to use antihistamines to relieve allergic reaction. It is also advisable to exclude from the diet obligate allergens. The most common products for which the body can respond to a variety of skin rashes are chocolate, citrus fruits, eggs, fish and others.

Chronic dermatitis step leads to a thickening of the skin tissue and color change (from red to violet color). At this stage, you should use an additional moisturizer that softens the surface of the seal. As detergents using special soaps and gels, which do not damage the lipid layer of the skin. Sometimes prescribed hormonal drugs in the form of ointments.

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