How to see better

How to see better
 If you periodically see things clearly, you can not focus the image, if your eyes are often tired and overstrained, it is necessary to carry out simple rules that will help to support the vision. In cases where the disease diagnosed view, you need to wear glasses or contact lenses to see better.
 Ensure a good lighting - any job that requires a voltage of view, must be made with the right lighting. For right-handed light should fall on the left, for left - right. If you often have to be in bright sunlight, you should wear sunglasses. While reading or watching TV, try to blink more often and move the eyes. Distracted to give your eyes a rest - your look with distant objects to near, do gymnastics eye. Teach yourself to consider any object that falls your view - move it to the eyes, "feels" on all sides. Periodically close your eyes, giving them a rest.

Try to look at their moving hands and feet when you are in the gym or fitness center - at the same time potreniruetes and eyes. Special exercises help strengthen the power of eyes, ensure the flow of blood and oxygen. Secure opinion on any subject which is right in front of you. Do not change the look, turn your head to the left, then right, lower down and zaprokinte up. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Exercises for the eyes can be done sitting. Straighten your back, lean back and take a breath, exhale and bend forward. Sit back, close your eyes and tightly squeeze the eyelids, then relax and open your eyes. Put your hands on the waist and swing to the side, fixing eyes on the elbow of the same hand. Lift up your eyes and make them a circular motion clockwise, then against it. Stretch your arms forward, fixing a look at their fingertips, and then lift them up, without changing the view, take a breath. Dip your hands, exhaling. Each of these exercises should be done 3-5 times. If you are doing on the computer or reading, it is necessary to arrange such workouts each hour. After dip useful gymnastics eyes in cold water for a few minutes. Use sunlight to restore the function of the eye - look at the sun in the early morning or at dusk, start with 1-2 minutes and bring the session to 10 minutes. 

Nourish eyes within: drink fresh carrot juice with milk or cream, salads with the addition of raw carrots, cheese, peppers, beans, cabbage, etc.

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