How to get rid of hair loss

How to get rid of hair loss
 Constant wearing of headgear, lack of sunlight, stress, disease, and many other factors can lead to hair loss. To get rid of this problem, it is necessary, first of all, take care of them properly.
 To prevent hair loss include in the diet of vitamin B and C, vitamin complexes that contain folic acid, selenium, zinc, iron and silicon. Do not get carried away with diets, because it can cause a lack of vitamins needed by the body.

Use special shampoos and hair care products. Do firming mask, rinse hair herbal infusions.

Massage the head when washing and use massage comb.

Do not abuse the means for stacking, minimizing the use of a hair dryer, curling iron, etc.

High tension hair is often the cause of their loss, so try to avoid it.

Pay particular attention to the way you comb your hair - every time combing is recommended to brush curls hundred times. To speed up the delivery of useful minerals to the roots, it is necessary to improve blood circulation - for this comb the hair in a circular motion from the temples to the crown and temples from his forehead and neck. Do zigzag motion.

All of the above is only a general, universal for all advice, but cause of the problem may lie in the disruption of the functioning of certain body systems, so it is best diagnosed by a doctor go trichologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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