How to get rid of anorexia

How to get rid of anorexia
 Anorexia - a mental illness in which a person has a pathological desire to reduce your weight. In this case, the patient is afraid of obesity. The disease to be treated, as it can be life-threatening.
 Most prone to anorexia young girls who are trying to be like their idols - film stars, models. Excessive thinness they are making all sorts of ways. Some are strict diet, exercise pace yourself, use an enema, washing after eating artificially induce the gag reflex. Others simply refuse to eat completely.

The symptoms of this disease can be considered permanent weight loss, fear of getting fat, insomnia, chronic depression, guilt arising when eating, distorted perception of their appearance and weight. To treat this ailment is necessary, as it may lead to different physiological malfunction. Such as irregular menstruation or its complete cessation, decreased immunity, muscle cramps, arrhythmias. The patient constantly freezes, becomes pale, there is chronic fatigue. If a strong depletion of possibly fatal.

Treatment of anorexia complex and lengthy. It is almost impossible demon consent. Patients can not adequately assess the seriousness of the problem, therefore a prerequisite for the treatment of this disease is to regularly visit a psychologist, because first of all this mental disorder.

Treatment of anorexia held in a special hospital. Most commonly used method of compensation. With the patient enter into a kind of agreement, in which the patient chooses a measure of reward for a certain weight gain. For example, providing more freedom, permission to receive visitors, to leave the room. After discharge from the hospital need long outpatient treatment, and after a certain time the patient again shows the hospital in order to avoid relapse.

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