How can I restore vision

How can I restore vision
 Vision problems can confidently be called the scourge of our time, as the harmful effects of the rapidly evolving technology with all its positive significance quite detrimental effect on such a delicate and responsible human body - eyes. However, most of the problems of the visual system to date is subject to full or partial adjustment provided a serious and deeply informed approach.

Well-known fact is the need for prevention of eye diseases through special exercises, the correct mode of operation and a balanced diet.

As a health-care exercises required for hourly of proposed alternate the direction of a nearby object to a distant, as well as two or three minute relaxing with eyes closed.

Everyone is familiar from school for the benefit of carrot due to the high content of carotene. It is also recommended to use products such as blueberries, apples, red oily fish, green beans, green salad. May be superfluous and vitamin complexes specifically designed pharmacists.

Certainly, maintaining good vision demands unconditional quitting. Very useful exposure to fresh air, especially as short but frequent interruptions in the work of the monitor and other devices.

Extremely useful eye massage, activating blood circulation and prevents the early development of glaucoma. A gentle finger pressure on the closed eye, circular fluid movements in the direction from the eyes to the temples to help reduce eye strain after work. Typically 5-10 minutes massage is enough to feel relieved. In addition, for quick and effective relaxation successfully used cool compresses and trays of tea, aloe juice or decoction of chamomile.

The most common and effective way of correcting vision is wearing glasses or contact lenses. However, running and are not subject to definitive cure cases converted glasses and lenses in a constant and essential attribute of medical eye care.

Fortunately, modern medicine is on the threshold of a new century has reached a high development of treatments for the visual system, and with each passing day the improvement of laser technology in eye surgery restores and saves sight of thousands of people. With the help of laser equipment can perform complex operations such as the removal of glaucoma and cataracts, lens replacement, and many other important events. However, relying on the experience and professionalism of today's professionals, we should not underestimate the value of their own, and efforts to preserve sharpness and clarity of vision.

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