Cystitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Cystitis: Symptoms and Treatment
 Knowledge of the main symptoms of inflammation of the bladder will help in time to suspect the disease and seek medical advice. Early treatment of cystitis will avoid dangerous complications and reduce the risk of relapse of the disease.

Symptoms of cystitis is hard to miss, but can easily be confused with other inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. For cystitis characterized by sudden - urination becomes sharply painful, while there is a burning and stinging. Anxious feeling in the stomach also be described as intermittent dull pain, as well as - a constant feeling of fullness of the bladder. Occasionally incontinence can occur when a strong desire to urinate. Urination becomes more frequent, especially at night. Urinate often have small portions. The color of urine is also changing - from a transparent and pale she becomes dark, sometimes mixed with blood. Body temperature is usually not changed, but there may be a slight increase in her that is a reason to pay attention to the condition of the kidneys.

Cystitis treatment should begin as soon as possible - then there is a chance that there will relieve inflammation in the short term and to recover quickly. The acute stage of the disease requires immediate antibiotic treatment, since it is important to not only remove the symptoms of the disease, but also to prevent the transition of cystitis in the chronic stage. Modern antibiotics are highly effective, allowing a much reduced treatment. Well established methods of physiotherapy treatment - magnetic therapy, the impact of current and heat. All of these methods will help you quickly and deep penetration of drugs.

In parallel with drug treatment should follow the prescribed diet - plenty of fluids, with the exception of acute and fried foods. The use of homeopathic medicines and traditional medicine practices are often justified in the treatment of chronic process. Herbal teas are designed to provide a diuretic effect and relieve irritation of the bladder mucosa. Some herbal teas further enhance the immune system, helping the body cope with the disease.

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