Cause and struggle with insomnia

Cause and struggle with insomnia
 Sound sleep and a good rest - the guarantee of health and wellness for the whole day. However, many people from time to time experience frequent lack of sleep associated with the torment of insomnia. It's pretty tricky thing, which can lead to serious consequences, ranging from weakness, pain in the eyes, random chills, reaching problems of the cardiovascular system and brain hemorrhage. Insomnia also significantly reduces human immunity.  

The causes of the insomnia exists sufficient set. It can be different kinds of diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, angina, acute respiratory viral infection, allergic rhinitis long and slightly elevated temperature, and others.

Prerequisites disease can be all kinds of depression, stress, lack of daily routine, work and leisure, as well as reception of stimulating the nervous system of consumer products (caffeine, nicotine or chocolate), excessive exercise before going to sleep, overeating, and so on.

And if in the case of illness and depression can not do without medical assistance, with the rest of provoking factors can be overcome insomnia and himself. Of course, now in pharmacies sell a variety of tranquilizers and sleeping pills, but it should be noted that these funds can not be the solution to the problem.

They can be taken only in extreme cases and that it is desirable, after consultation with the doctor. Often they are addictive or cease to have effect in a couple of weeks. Besides this, there are a number of hypnotic medication side effects, some of which are impaired concentration and coordination of movements, morning drowsiness, and others.

Struggle with insomnia should start with the bedroom. The bed should be flat and not very soft. Desirable in the room dark curtains and bright lighting. But the television or computer is not the place. Make sure that the room was hot, often ventilate the room.

Some spouses useful to sleep in different beds, under different blankets. This is due to the individual bedtime or inability to sleep due to the presence of a number of the other person.

After a hard and exhausting day take a warm bath. Add the half bubble valerian. You can drink shortly before bedtime decoction of mint, lemon balm or hop cones. Wonderful sedative spoon of honey is placed under your tongue and Requests warm milk.

Simple enough, but no less effective is the procedure, when you start to wake up every day, for example, at 6 am and go to bed at 10 pm. Gradually, the body gets used to a similar schedule, and is produced by habitual sleep.

In the presence of interfering background noise you press the palm of your ears and listen to the silence. After a while, a little move them to the side and focus your attention on the noise. Repeat these exercises is opening, then closing the ears for 2-3 seconds. As a result of these actions rhythmic processes in the brain begin slows down, and there comes a welcome sleep.

Place a pillow under your pillow calms and lulls the grass. These include mint, lemon balm, fern leaves, flowers Helichrysum, pine needles, rose petals and others. You can wrap these herbs in a cloth and put on the battery. The air is filled with the bedroom "sleepy" fragrance.

Useful is a fifteen-minute infusion of mint, oregano and St. John's wort, taken on a teaspoon, and brewed cup of boiling water. Strained liquid should be taken at bedtime, alone or added to tea.

If the above measures to combat insomnia do not give the desired results, perhaps your body of something warns you, and already it's time to seek help from a doctor. In this case, it is not necessary to pull.

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