Anorexia: Symptoms and Treatment

Anorexia: Symptoms and Treatment
 In pursuit of the beauty of women go on various sacrifices to get rid of excess weight. In the course are surgery, exercise, diet. But sometimes the result of these efforts becomes severe mental illness - anorexia.
 Most often ill adolescents with anorexia or girls up to 25 years. After 30-40 anorexia can also be found, but much less frequently. The disease is characterized by a complete rejection of food. Even when the sick person understands that in their desire to lose weight, he had gone too far to stop and start to eat on their own, he can not.

A person can not adequately evaluate themselves, even a catastrophic lack of weight he thinks he's too full, and continues to torture himself to death. Because the disease is disturbed metabolism, reduced skin elasticity, or even vanishes disturbed menstrual cycle. Typically, patients do not realize that they do something wrong. If the first time, the patient may suffer bouts of binge eating, followed by artificially induce vomiting, then later a gag reflex is triggered even when taking small portions of food.

Why is there a disease that doctors can not answer unequivocally. After all, thousands of girls watching their diet, involved in fitness, dieting, but anorexia sick units.

Relatives of patients with anorexia nervosa should be aware that the disease is psychological in nature, and no amount of persuasion and conviction will not bring results. You're just wasting your precious time. Treatment of anorexia is possible only in stationary conditions.

Generally, treatment of the disease is complex. At the same time engaged with the patient psychotherapeutic treatment, prescribe antidepressants and tranquillizers, restore body functions.

Very often, patients are administered hormones to estrogen. Feed these patients often have to force, and in particular advanced cases used intravenous nutrition.

Anorexia is difficult to treat, usually a very long process, and often immediately after discharge from the hospital, the patient relapses of the disease.

It is important to notice the problem, the sooner the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be treated and effectiveness. Do not forget - anorexia - it's not the whims of a spoiled child - is a serious mental disorder that is life-threatening.

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