Andropause: male menopause

Andropause: male menopause
 Andropause is a major problem in aging men. This is associated with a reduction in the reproductive functions of the body, like the female menopause. Deterioration in hormonal levels in the body is the cause of many disorders, like vegetovascular and mental.

Andropause begins with hormonal and chemical changes in all men. Typically occurs 40-50 years, may also be earlier or later, depending on the organism. Such changes have an impact on the whole life of the man - primarily psychological. Andropause is characterized by the same symptoms as women - reduced or increased energy, nervousness, mood swings, back pain, sometimes insomnia, poor appetite, loss of strength. Maybe erectile dysfunction (impotence). Also, there is a strong sweating.

First, reduced levels of hormones such as dopamine, testosterone, melatonin, oxytocin. This has an effect on sexual desire and overall physical condition. This is all in turn contributes to the development of depression and affects the quality of life.

In the laboratory to confirm andropause determine the total concentration of testosterone in the blood and the concentration of the sex steroid binding globulin.

Used for the treatment of hormone replacement therapy with testosterone. If fixed prostate cancer, the treatment is contraindicated, as in the cases of heart pathologies and urethra. In the absence of contraindications appointed by drugs such as "Andriol", "Virigen", "Nebido", "Nuvir" testosterone propionate. Selection is dependent upon the personal portability and efficiency. Use of such drugs is aimed at increasing the number of years of life quality.

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