Adonis Complex

Adonis Complex
 As shown by statistical studies, are unhappy with their appearance more than half of the male population of Russia. In the US, 36% of men are unhappy with the shape of their breasts. Blame Hollywood, thanks to which the ideal man became pumped soldier who crushes all in its path. So ordinary people began to develop a set of Adonis.

This is not surprising, because now the most acute problem of appearance. That is, if you're beautiful, it means you're popular, successful and rich. Hunt for beauty has become a cult. But if just a hundred years ago only women watching their appearance, after the explosion of feminist emancipation and in the 60s in America men became just pay more attention.

Often heads of families at the expense of the rest are ready to spend time in the gym, at different sessions, use various additives, illegal drugs, just to reach the same figures as in the coolest action movies and on the covers of glossy magazines.

For example, American researchers cite the example of a toy soldier. Its essence lies in the fact that in comparison with modern toy soldiers made in the 80s, skinny and look flawed. Not hard to guess that the grafting stereotyping occurs at an early age.

Through these toys, movies and magazines, most men begin to complex, they have a lack of confidence. Not uncommon for teenagers, seeing that they did not get to be like the characters from the image, simply tried to commit suicide.

But if all that bad, and you can not build muscle in the gym, why because of this climb in the loop? After all, the XXI century, where the possibilities of medicine to become so huge that you can sculpt a beautiful body even without the gym. In addition, men are increasingly turning to plastic surgeons. And if so, then here it is, the solution of many problems.

However, it is worth the money. But, nevertheless, due to the implants can create a great body, and it would be legally. And unattainable ideal action hero and magazines will be a little closer.

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