Action mud treatment on a woman's body

Action mud treatment on a woman's body
 From ancient times to the present day known therapeutic effect of mud on the human body. Some types (silt mud) accumulate their composition and healing properties for centuries.

Mineral, gas and colloidal components give dirt and moisture-holding capacity of the heat. Peat mud accumulates on the swampy areas, resulting in a prolonged expansion of the dried particles of plants without oxygen. The better the decomposition process, the better the quality gets this dirt. Sapropelic mud accumulates at the bottom of tundra ponds with fresh water, with the participation of plant and animal precipitation.

Mud therapy exerts its positive effect through the nerve receptors in the skin. The main field of application of mud treatment - a bone and joint problems, but no less beneficial effect on a woman's body mud therapy have local procedures as applying to the sore spot in inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs, some types of infertility, menstrual disorders, and genitourinary diseases.


- Thermal effect. Unlike water baths, mud allow tolerate higher temperatures (up to 48ºS) that can raise body temperature by changing its flow of physiological processes.

- The mechanical effect. Due to the dense mass of clay has a massaging effect that acting on the superficial capillaries of the skin, increases circulation and cardiovascular system. This bath can be taken only with a healthy heart.

- Chemical action. Gas composition contributes to a better absorption through the skin surface nutrients.

- Biological effects. The composition of dirt enters a substance which in its action and properties similar to the hormone estrone type gonads. It is this substance has a positive effect on a woman's body mud treatment and the function of sexual glands.

Mud therapy refers to the strong physiotherapy loads, so have a number of contraindications and are often used as a topical treatment (applying to a particular part of the body) than the total (in the form of baths).

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