10 mistakes nutrition, leading to disease and obesity

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 Each of us has ever thought about healthy eating. But different diets and so many rules and follow them all at the same time is impossible. Many people think that they eat quite well but the extra weight for some reason, you still have them appear. Others eat dirtiest lose weight and vice versa. So what's the secret? Here are the most common mistakes supply.

Complete rejection of meat. Human nutrition should be correct, that is balanced. Entirely forsaking of any type of food, you are depriving your body of valuable elements, which take him simply nowhere. As a consequence of metabolic disorders, dull complexion and diseases of internal organs. Eat meat, but not fatty and fried, and lean.

Vegetables and fruits you can eat as much as necessary. And that's not true. Yes, you can eat them in large quantities, many animals do eat some vegetables and herbs and thrive. But you're not a cow and elephant, intestines from excessive amounts of fat begins to increase in volume, creating extra volume on your waist.

There can be one or two times a day. Misconception that the less time you eat, the less you eat at all. Imagine how much you zapihnete to his poor starving stomach with one or two meals a day. It is better to eat small portions and often.

Dieting without exercise. Complete nonsense. You will be able to lose weight only if you burn the internal fat, rather than just sitting at home on the couch and eating apples.

Reducing the amount of liquid is also to no good arguments. Generally, you need to drink a lot, even if you lose weight. So what that water weighs a few pounds. But if you could bring yourself to dehydration, ruin health and beautiful skin lose once and for all.

Late dinner. The classic mistake many. In the evening there is better light dairy products and broths. Meat and fish, as well as the bakery is better to leave in the morning, because these products are the longest to digest.

If you sit on rice and carrots, know that any good this diet you will not finish. Meals should be balanced and be sure to include different groups of elements, including vitamins. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink juice and include in your diet as much as possible a variety of products.

Do you know what the most harmful fast food? Not even the fact that the sandwich - it's bad. Much more dangerous that food containing a lot of protein and fat, washed down, as a rule, cold cola or lemonade. This slows down the process of splitting and makes it difficult digestion. Therefore, after a fatty junk food be sure to drink hot drinks, preferably without sugar.

Try not to eat food with preservatives, they adversely affect the digestive enzymes and can greatly complicate the process of digestion. Chips, pickled and canned products, semi-finished products with flavor enhancers, as well as sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise on a blacklist.

And finally - it's excesses. Any products, even the safest and most delicious when used in large amounts can be harmful. If you like a certain dish, you should not only have it, let your diet is varied. Eat moderately and will always be healthy!

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