Why swollen feet?

Why swollen feet?
 Swelling of the feet - a very common problem among the population. Swelling of the legs accompanied not only unattractive appearance, but also health problems and constant pain, which causes discomfort. Feet swell, particularly in middle-aged people who have to travel, thereby straining the lower limbs, as well as in people with excess weight.

Swelling of the feet can cause not only the excess load or the use of large amounts of liquid, but also quite serious illnesses, such as varicose veins, liver, kidneys and intestines, heart and lung pathology, diseases of the joints and other.

Varicose veins increases blood pressure, and as a result there is swelling. In cases of heart failure in people with constant motion symmetrically swollen feet (2 feet formed swelling).

The strongest leg edema occurs when kidney disease. Edema acts on both legs without pain and itch can swell while some parts of the face, and the temperature rise.

Very often, the feet swell in pregnant women, especially if the second half of pregnancy is in the summer. In pregnancy, there is a big burden on the kidneys, and they can not cope with its function fully. Daily exercise helps the kidneys to walk on all fours, no more than 3 minutes twice a day.

In cases where the cause of swelling is increased load on the lower limbs, there should be some movement with his feet, for example, walking on toes, lifting your feet off the floor of a pencil or ball rotation feet. You can also use drugs that improve blood circulation, but after consulting with your doctor.

Get your feet stay beautiful and healthy, you need every day to look after them: massage, protect feet from overload, often to change the load on different leg muscles. Change shoes during the day - a long time do not wear shoes with heels. If you observe the basic rules of foot care, they will give you health and comfort.

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