Why is your hair turns gray

Why is your hair turns gray
 Why grow gray hair? Why they can not maintain the natural color throughout their lives? Especially these issues are women. Indeed, most of us have to deal with the problem of hair coloring a good half of his life. But graying - is a natural process, which effectively confront the man yet, alas, can not.

Graying process begins in the depth of the outer layer of the skin and gradually penetrate into the inner layer of the skin. Each of the nearly 100,000 hairs on the head of the person associated with the hair bulb, which is under the hair bag. Just by the hair bulb of hair occurs due to the formation of various chemical compounds. In the epidermis and hair roots are millions of melanocytes. So called pigment cells that produce the protein. They are the source of substances that determine the color of skin and hair.

During the day due to the natural friction loss occurs about 100 hairs. Over the years old dyed hair disappears being replaced to an increasing number of new deprived coloring pigment. Over time, the gray hair becomes more and more, they begin to dominate over the others, and gray hair appears stronger. It is a mixture of dark hair and even re-emerging, already gray. The speed and intensity of the bloom is largely laid genetically. But stress and frustration can speed up the process. Men and women tend to turn gray in different ways. Weaker sex becomes gray little faster stronger.

There are two types of bloom: early graying (starts around the age of 20); age graying (starts around the age of 35).

By age 25 premature graying affects approximately 25% of the population. Sometimes the first gray hair can be seen as early as 15 years. And it is interesting that with the aging of the body, often pigmented cells activate the production of pigment, so it happens that shortly before withering away of hair pigment cells may temporarily darken.

One of the most common reasons that causes premature termination of melanocytes, are diseases that affect the pituitary gland to weaken the hair coloring, as well as interruptions to the production of hormones in the ovaries or testes. Provoke disruption of the functioning of melanocytes may also have diabetes or severe malnutrition. Premature graying may be associated with increased risk of various heart diseases. There is speculation that the pernicious anemia lack of vitamin B12 negative effect on the activity of melanocytes, and therefore appear gray hair.

With graying hair color change occurs gradually, rather than simultaneously in full. In the case of age-related graying men, gray hair covers the entire head, from the temples and the crown. People with dark hair beginning to turn gray before blond. Negroid turns gray later Europeoids and Mongoloids - even later. If the onset of age-bloom in a healthy person, the process is no longer possible to stop.

Modern science has not yet allow you to do this. Individual drugs are being developed based on hormones, but their widespread use is still very, very far away.

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