When surgery can be avoided

When surgery can be avoided
 Fear of impending operation affects virtually all patients. Interventions on surgically can lead to different consequences. Neither the surgeon can guarantee a positive outcome of a surgical intervention. Doctors are increasingly resorting to methods of conservative therapy.
 The biggest breakthrough came in gynecology due to hormonal agents. Myoma, e.g., treated with drugs having similar structure with pituitary hormones. If you detect the disease in its early stages, it is possible to reduce the size of the tumor in half. However, these means do not act in all kinds of tumors, only those that are composed of muscle fibers and fibrous do not, moreover, in the muscles of the uterus must be receptors, hormones allow capture and react to them. There are drugs that stop the growth of fibroids, it is also important, most importantly, to hold out until menopause. Then the body will stop producing estrogen, which contribute to its growth and it slowly resolve without surgical intervention.

Before agreeing to surgery consult a gynecologist, endocrinologist. Then under the knife will not have to go to bed. Most of the women's diseases caused by disorders of the endocrine system. You should contact the perinatal center where there are such experts.

People who have experienced liver or renal colic, believe that a hell of pain does not exist. Surgery to remove kidney stones and gall bladder patients carrying heavy and not always without consequence. Doctors have found a way to do without surgery, for this, with the help of ultrasound, crushed stones in the sand, which is virtually painless excreted in the urine or bile. Stones further dissolved with special substances, or it litholysis chemolysis. However, not every stone can be crushed, for example, large staghorn stones that fill the renal pelvis, touch dangerous. It shows the operation.

Creating a vaccine against cancer-causing cervical human papillomavirus is considered a scientific breakthrough. Before all hope was an operation. Now, it is important to make time injection. Splash of this pathology is observed in young women gynecologists attribute this to the early onset of sexual conduct and promiscuity. Therefore, immunization recommend starting from 9 to 18 years. Plant the boys to remove the threat of anal cancer, which is the causative agent of the same virus.

It is known that cancer cells die at a temperature of 43 5 degrees Celsius, while healthy - at 44. It is very difficult to warm a tumor to a desired temperature and control the process from outside. Therefore, in the area surrounding the tumor, is introduced finely dispersed suspension containing the iron particles, which heats the electromagnetic field of the appropriate frequency. Under the influence of temperature in the structure of the tumor undergoes irreversible changes. This method is useful in the treatment of breast cancer and soft tissue sarcomas. Need to undergo mammography every year.

Midwives actively practiced continuously monitors the health of pregnant women and during childbirth. On the abdomen of women established special sensors (CTG). If the condition of the baby causes concern, you can speed up the appearance of his birth. Or enter analgesic, if the fight is too painful. No need to push for caesarean section without good reason.

Choosing a method of treatment, it is necessary to think about the end result, in some specialty surgery will give more of an effect somewhere therapy. Intuitively, this can be seen in gastroenterology and cardiology. 50 years ago ulcer surgical hospitals were overcrowded, now they're rare visitors. Need only be opened infectious component of peptic ulcer (helicobacter) and develop effective means. And in cardiology priority remains surgeons. Coronary artery bypass grafting gives many years of life.

Duodenal ulcer previously treated with a scalpel, now it is possible to treat the illness with antibiotics. The same applies to those with diagnosed gastritis type B drug treatment will not let go his ulcer.

Always find out from the doctor whether there is an alternative to surgery, whether it is possible to apply conservative treatment. Visit two or three professionals, you may be able to do without surgery.

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