What are adhesions

What are adhesions
 Adhesions - the so-called "fusion" between the surfaces of adjacent organs. In most cases, they arise from injury, inflammation, internal bleeding, or as a consequence of surgery. Adhesions are initially relatively thin, loose and then, over time, may become so dense calcified even that may occur as a result of the displacement or deformation of the body.
 If inflammation of the pericardium - the outer membrane of the heart - give an impetus to the deposition of calcium salts, then after a while the heart is literally covered with a layer of lime. Not by chance that cardiologists have a term: "Tubular heart."

In the case of peritonitis may occur adhesions in the abdominal cavity (as defensive barrier against infection). Even such a simple, in fact, the operation as the removal of inflamed appendix, can lead to the formation of adhesions in the lower abdomen.

Adhesions are often developed after a series of operations in the intestines, as well as operations in the field of urology and gynecology. That is, their appearance can be seen as an instinctive response of the body to the "alien invasion", whatever they may be called.

How to cure adhesive disease? This depends on the localization and extent of development. In most cases, preference should be given medical treatment and physiotherapy, to the same operational measures should be resorted to only in the event of a real threat to the life or health of the patient.

For example, as a result of adhesions in the abdominal cavity (due to injury or trauma of the abdomen), disrupting the normal functioning of the intestines. Deteriorated sharply peristalsis, threatened complete obstruction. What do the doctors in such cases?

There are two main ways: conservative therapy and surgery. It is possible to try to get rid of adhesions and restore normal bowel function using thermal physiotherapy such as mud, paraffin bath electrophoresis.

To reduce the pain the patient is given analgesics. If spikes are small, not fully formed, they may disappear after such procedures. If physical therapy does not lead to a positive result, it is necessary to resort to surgery.

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