Treatment of ingrown toenail folk remedies

Treatment of ingrown toenail folk remedies
 Ingrown nail, mainly on one or two big toes, the disease is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. Especially it is terrible for those who are sick with diabetes. The most important thing - to prevent ingrown nails and on time to prevent it.

In addition to the surgical method by which the nail is completely removed, and the laser when the laser removes soft tissue close to the nail, there are a variety of traditional methods of getting rid of this problem.

Have long since become a catch phrase that is much easier to prevent any disease than to treat it hard to act in this case. In severe cases of ingrown nail fight with him will be a long and not always successful. In order to preserve not only the nail, but the finger, you need to take active steps, if the thunder had already struck.

In any case, you need to steam the leg and lifting the edge of the nail, remove ingrowing area. If the skin is already wound or pus, it should be wiped with hydrogen peroxide and apply a bandage.

It is easier to fight this disease, if the wound yet, but swelling and tenderness of the skin is already evidence of a problem. You can clear a piece of aloe leaf and apply to the nail and attach a patch or bandage.

After removing the inflammation and softening of the nail, lift it ingrowing edge and put a small, folded cotton wool roll, thereby securing the edge in the raised position. If you already have a wound, it is necessary to dip the roller in sintomitsinovoy emulsion.

There is another way, which is quite effectively helps in this disease. Nail file, preferably not metal, to cut the top layer of the nail, making a groove, but not deep, and superficial. Nail for some time shrinks to close the resulting "gap" and, accordingly, the corners are pulled, releasing pressure from the surrounding tissue. This procedure may have to do once a month. However, if you combine the processing of sawing and rollers, then after some time about the disease will be forgotten.

The most basic thing: to prevent recurrence, use comfortable shoes, the right time to do a pedicure and take care of your feet regularly.

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