Therapeutic mud - sapropel

Therapeutic mud - sapropel
 One of the most ancient techniques that have been used in various diseases, is mud. The healing properties of mud treatments, among which is owned and sapropel, undoubtedly due to their unique structure.
 Sapropelic therapeutic mud called sediments, which are usually formed in the open water with fresh water. The most common lake sapropel deposits in the territory of the West Siberian Plain, the Far East, the Urals and Trans-Urals, Belarus, Karelia. It should be noted that since the formation of deposits is inextricably linked with underwater vegetation and to the activity of microorganisms, sapropel is 80% of the materials of organic origin. The uniqueness of sapropel in comparison with other therapeutic mud is also due to the fact that it only takes a full cycle of biosynthesis. He is not subject to degradation and has no odor, and in vivo has regenerative properties that can be self-cleaning.

In the composition of sapropel have many useful substances, including amino acids, including the essential enzymes, vitamins (vitamins B, as well as vitamins C, D, E). Also, it contains a wide range of micro- and macroelements: silicon, potassium, magnesium and sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and copper, zinc, cobalt, selenium, iodine, and molybdenum, and manganese, and nickel, iron and silver. Furthermore, there is a part of sapropel and biologically active components - are proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, growth stimulants, antiseptic and hormone-like substances.

This type of therapeutic mud has a positive effect on various systems and organs, so sapropel can be used, for example, in the treatment of various diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system, musculoskeletal system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system. Provides sapropel and rapid elimination of foci of inflammation, so is effective in the treatment of burns, eczema and various types of dermatitis. It also helps strengthen the walls of capillaries, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation. Stimulates sapropel and the nervous system and improves metabolism in tissues, strengthens the immune system and has a tonic effect on the body.

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