Than to treat anemia

Than to treat anemia
 Anemia, or low hemoglobin in the blood, is found in large numbers of people. The disease manifests feeling unwell, dizziness, constant desire to lie down, pale skin. There may be other symptoms, but in any case, you must take a blood test, and then to start treatment.  
 Be sure to visit the hospital, because you not only have to assign the survey, but also to find products containing iron. Of course, the drug can be bought without prescription, but it is impossible to guess the necessary dosage of the substance. Also take a vitamin complex and folic acid on a tablet three times a day. Periodic blood tests to monitor the healing process.

Against the background of the main drug treatment is necessary and proper nutrition. Good effect with anemia have beef and liver. Do not expose them long to heat treatment, and even better to eat meat with blood (not quite-done). Garnish eat buckwheat groats or another.

Gematogen well increases hemoglobin level in the shortest possible time. You can buy in a pharmacy. The structure of the bar includes bull's blood, condensed milk and flavors, as well as vitamin C. It tastes like a chocolate bar, so it is particularly popular with children.

Eat as many different fruits, nuts and chocolate. Vary your diet and other useful products, and at the time of refuse sausages and other delicacies. In the morning, eat caviar and butter, drinking hot tea.

Try not to drink alcoholic beverages during treatment, because alcohol kills red blood cells. But a glass of red wine with dinner will not hurt. Occasionally you can drink beer in small quantities and not fortified.

Avoid fatigue and stress. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day, then the body will be restored as soon as possible. If you have a chance, go on vacation at the time of treatment. Gradually, your condition is normalized. Do not forget to be retested in the hospital. If necessary, therapy will be extended.

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