Telemann - a diagnosis

Telemann - a diagnosis
 Do you watch TV? The question that now seems ridiculous and absurd. Perhaps there is no person in the world who would not watch TV. The only difference is how much time one spends on this activity, and why they need it.

Scientists have conducted experiments on the effects of television viewing on the human brain. It turned out that the TV does have a role tranquilizer. Once a man plug it in, it automatically calms and relaxes. The reaction is similar to drink coffee or drugs. Brain to such an extent dependent on the flickering screen that nervous excitement begins immediately after it goes out. That is why many people subconsciously watching television for a long time - they want to keep a sense of peace and comfort.

The fact that TV is addictive, it is known to all. You can say that it is not affected by this, but to deny the very existence of dependence can not. Mass entertainment channels and programs aimed at different audience, does not give the man a break, forcing absorb the information again and again. TV is considered to be much more interesting books and theater, but benefit from it much less. Often the endless change images on the screen tires the brain so much that after a couple of hours you have a headache or you feel heaviness in the whole body. Not to mention the fact that the use of visual images is the most powerful psychological motivator. Advertising, music videos and movies - all this is literally stuffed with calls for various actions.

Telemann - a disease of modern society. Now it is very difficult to find a person who will run in the mornings, but the one who is watching TV in the evening, long search is not necessary. Is it possible to recover from this evil? Of course, yes! Although very few people really want and will do it for the simple reason that it is simply not necessary. What will you do if you do not become a TV?

It's very simple: you draw in a constant watching television, falling into psychological dependence, akin to the drug. But to get rid of this dependence, we must find something else to do. Is it possible that it is so difficult to do? Think about it: sports, morning and evening runs, meeting friends, reading books and magazines, embroidery, at worst. After all, before any television was not, and lived the same people somehow. Try it and you.

Modern society may soon reach the point that in order to know what the weather will include meteovypusk when you can just look out the window. Think about what you can devote more time to his family and friends can enjoy raising children, or read the book, which had long dreamed of. Do not waste your life on the contemplation of the plastic box, live in the real world!

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