Tea for all ills

Tea for all ills
 Tea started to use 5000 years ago. His homeland is considered Ancient China. First drink is used exclusively for medical purposes and only after many centuries, people have learned to appreciate its taste and aroma. Currently, no party, friendly conversation and a simple weekday is complete without a glass of superb drink. Scientists have studied the biochemical composition of tea. It found almost all of the vitamins necessary for human health, as well as tanning and essential substances, amino acids, alkaloids and pigments. For such a rich composition of tea can rightly be attributed to the medicinal drink to help fight many diseases.

Tannins occupy 30% of the tea contain polyphenols of more than 30 and have all the properties of the natural vitamin P. The essential oils contained in large quantities in fresh tea sheets of paper during production, and oxidation products are lost on drying of 80%, but the remaining 20% ​​reproduce unique tea flavor. Alkaloid - is tannin, which helps to stimulate the cardiovascular system, to give courage and good humor. Tannin is contained in coffee, cocoa, but unlike these products, tannin is not accumulated, allowing the drink to use without damage to health.

Contained in the beverage theophylline and theobromine, promotes vasodilation and has diuretic properties, removes toxins from the body, toxins and their compounds. 17 amino acids are in the tea leaf help to restore the nervous system, especially when exposed to body stress, lack of sleep, when conflict situations and during periods of intense work without rest. In addition, amino acids interacting with tannin, sugar and catechins, give the tea additional unique taste and aroma. The pigments contained only dye colored beverage in different intensities, but also contain xanthophyll and carotene at the same dose as in fresh carrots. Particularly rich of black tea. Carotene is a provitamin A, and provides all the normal mucosa, larynx, nose, bronchi, lungs, urinary organs, as well as support good vision. 5-6 cups of tea help to maintain visual acuity into old age.

Contained in tea B vitamins not only help to overcome many diseases, but also to prevent their occurrence. Vitamin B1 regulates all glands, helps the nervous system, adrenal, thyroid, pancreas and gonads, that allows to normalize the work of these bodies and restore health in diabetes, ulcers, endocrine disorders, as well as in violation of the adrenal glands and kidneys.

Riboflavin makes a beautiful and supple skin, cures eczema, diathesis, helps with cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver and gallbladder. Contained in tea vitamin B15, prevents the development of dermatitis and is a catalyst for the absorption of nutrients entering the body. In the beverage contains a huge amount of natural vitamin PP - nicotinic acid, as well as C, K, strengthens blood vessels, immune system, prevent strokes and heart attacks. The highest content of these vitamins in green tea. It contains a huge amount of antioxidants that help to cope with free radicals - the main cause of aging.

1 liter drinking tea every day, you can forget about caries, as a drink not only supports the acid-alkaline balance in the mouth, but also helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. Those who regularly consume tea, whether black or green, are not affected by obesity, depression, bad mood, headaches, jumps in blood pressure, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. Tea lovers feel always cheerful, young and healthy. From the foregoing it appears that the benefits of tea is obvious.

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