Strengthen joints!

Strengthen joints!
 As a rule, on the joints we start to remember and care only when they begin to get sick and deteriorating mobility. But it is known that it is much easier to do the prevention of the disease, than to engage in its treatment. Because as long as possible were healthy joints need to strengthen them.

It's no secret that the joints are movable joints of bones, because is difficult to overestimate their role and present our existence without them. Unfortunately, each year more and more people suffer from various diseases of the joints. Reasons for this may be many, ranging from past illnesses and lack of finishing minerals in the body.

Strengthening of joints is of great importance not only because of its basic functions, but also because it is a kind of disease prevention of musculoskeletal system. To strengthen joints must act comprehensively.

Firstly, they require active movement. Thus, the beneficial effect on the joints have special exercises and daily gymnastics. Good preventive effect and gives swimming, especially if during intense sessions alternated several styles.

In addition, unbeknownst to ourselves, we combine business with pleasure and while dancing, as they through a variety of active movements also good help strengthen joints. Useful exercise for the joints of hands and is molded out of clay pots - especially in this process are utilized well-joints of the hands. At the same time contributes to the removal of clay slags and their salts.

However, in addition to sports and other activities, it is necessary to take care of proper nutrition, as well as the cleansing of the joints of the salts and other deposits. As for food, it is worth noting that the positive impact on the joints honey, walnuts, carrot juice, rose hip and fish oil, celery, fish in aspic and jelly. Necessary and sufficient number of joints in the body of vitamins C and D.

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