Spring - time to flowering and allergy ...

Spring - time to flowering and allergy ...
 Spring - the best time of the year. But not for people with allergies. Pollen of flowering ash, beech, poplar, elm, willow, as well as shrubs and grass carried by the wind for miles around forests, parks and groves, causing allergic acute attack of the so-called spring allergies.

Pollen more than 100 species of trees, shrubs and grasses is an allergen. Therefore, even such a radical method of treatment as departure to other regions or countries, is not always effective. At the same time, thanks to well-chosen combination of antihistamines and special hygienic procedures, it is possible to minimize allergic reactions to pollen spring.

Among the antihistamines have as preparations for topical application, e.g., decongestants drops or sprays, tablets and reducing the overall level of blood histamine. But even OTC and advertised by the media antihistamines should not be taken without a doctor's prescription. The selection of drugs should only doctor who is familiar with the peculiarities of the patient and the type characteristic of his allergic reactions.

Minimize allergy help and complex, seemingly simple but effective hygiene measures. The most simple measures include cleaning and humidifying the air indoors. For this purpose, suitable conventional ultrasonic humidifier pollen volatility whereby the moist air at significantly reduced.

Excellent results are obtained daily wet cleaning of premises, during which settled on the furniture, floors and walls pollen destroyed. It is desirable during the spring allergy send to the laundry or dry cleaning curtains and blinds, which in itself can be a source of allergies to dust, and during the spring flowering plants accumulate in the folds of fabric allergenic pollen.

Returning home, it is advisable to take a shower, wash and rinse hair, pollen from washing the body and hair. It should also give up the drying clothes on the balcony with the windows open, as in the air pollen collects on the tissues, causing exacerbation of allergic attacks.

But even if the integrated management of the spring allergy does not give visible results, you should definitely see a doctor. After allergies - it is not just watery eyes and swollen mucous membranes. This is a serious shake-up for immunity, which in the absence of proper treatment can cause serious diseases such as bronchial asthma and dermatitis.

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