Scarlett syndrome: procrastination

Scarlett syndrome: procrastination
 Procrastination - it is human tendency to postpone their affairs "for later". "Application" of the term in practice is well described in the novel "Gone with the Wind", in which Scarlett was in a difficult situation, promises to think about everything tomorrow.
 Procrastination is reflected in the fact that the person is not seeking to start their business and duties. More often, it begins to engage unimportant occupation that does not require effort and concentration.

Why do people suddenly begin to ignore some important things and doing something useless? Psychologists assert that procrastination may be due to anxiety and discomfort that they feel in dealing with complex tasks of life. A sure sign of this phenomenon - fear of liability. There are fears find their justification, as there is always a risk of failure or default on the job at the right time.

If as a result of procrastination "for later" does not appear in front of guilt around for what the job is done, or stress, such procrastination is quite common for everyone.

It can be divided into "relaxed" and "hard". The first type, to some extent affects absolutely everyone. A second option could be called a chronic disease that occurs due to psychological and physical diseases. Shirking obligations, the desire to postpone the case until tomorrow makes life even harder. Problems like a snowball, begin to increase. Dreams and plans may be buried under the rubble of unsolved problems. Man loses confidence in himself, motivation and priorities in life, falls into depression.

Procrastination has nothing to do with laziness, she has other reasons: the lack of goals, self-doubt and indecision. Fear crash when starting a new business can overcome a lot of people. But who will be able to cross through it, the drink champagne and basks in success.

So do not put off your new life "for later". If there was a desire to bring the figure in order to change or boring work, why now and not take the first step. Only one step, and it will be followed necessarily the second and third. And then there will be discreetly behind the wings of inspiration. The most ambitious projects do not seem out of reach, and difficulties will cease to frighten.

Human achievements to move excitement. He fills life with boundless energy, leaving no place in it, and unfulfilled promises undone business. And it would seem ... only one step!

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