Rhinoplasty: Preparing for surgery

Rhinoplasty: Preparing for surgery
 To date, one of the most popular plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. At the same time, like any other surgery, this intervention also requires special training. But what it should be, and what this training is?

The first step in preparation for rhinoplasty is a clear understanding of all the constraints that hinder its implementation. To these limitations include:

- Diabetes;
- Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
- Liver disease;
- Kidney disease;
- Poor blood clotting;
- Disruption of the psyche;
- The age of 16 years.

If any one of these states is observed at you, should undergo a thorough examination before surgery or even cancel it.

Also, before you go for rhinoplasty, you will need to pass urine and blood samples (biochemical composition of blood, the presence of infection, clotting). Will also need to go through and a special survey, which is conducted prior to any surgery. Besides the already mentioned tests you will also need to undergo x-rays and get an electrocardiogram heart.

Before rhinoplasty patient also must pass a nomogram sinuses and nasal bones. This procedure is performed in order to exclude the presence of disease and determine the condition of the bone and cartilage structures of the nose.

Furthermore, since rhinoplasty should not impair respiratory function of the nose, it necessarily performed before another important study - Rhinomanometry. Rhinomanometry helps to identify the features and specifications of your nasal breathing.

Only after passing all of the above procedures and passing the required tests, you can easily go for rhinoplasty. Remember that.

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