PR or death on the operating table?

PR ?
 The legendary King of Pop alive! Increasingly, such slogans began to appear on the network. It's fantastic, but more and more supporters is at the most incredible version: the legendary Michael Jackson really alive!  

After a certain time after the death of the brilliant King of Pop, who died right on the operating table, more and more people are beginning to ask many questions unexplained.

And this is connected with the fact that on the Internet there is a lot of evidence that Michael Jackson is still alive. In particular, the network got the information about the words spoken by the manager of the famous singer. Ostensibly assistant singer was previously announced that the 50 designated concerts will not take place. And the world will know of the enormous scam.

Not subside rumors alive or dead famous singer. And if he is still alive, what and who benefits from it? Most people believe that all these rumors should ingenious PR manager. He realized that the dead King of Pop expensive living and arrange the singer's death from a show is much more profitable failed concerts.

Who else would benefit from the death of the brilliant imitation of the singer? Many will tell you that soon himself. It's no secret that sales of albums pop king after his death increased significantly. Recently singer rating dropped slightly, but it would just as before be the most popular. And he's got the world popularity ... posthumously.

Or maybe the legendary singer is actually dead? Say the least fatigue in preparation for a major concert tour? Or was the victim of a medical error and died on the operating table. No exact answer to all questions. Just still many fans can not accept the death of the singer. And they want to believe that this is just PR, bad PR. All fans of Michael Jackson are very experienced.

And, perhaps, easier to accept the version of the PR course and hope that someday a legend once again come to the scene.

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