Migraine: where she came from and how to overcome

Migraine: where she came from and how to overcome
 Migraine - is a French word that occurred from the Greek hemicrania, which literally means "half head". Very often the word is used to refer to the headaches of any origin that is fundamentally wrong.
 Indeed, the most common symptom of a migraine - very strong, painful headaches, which can be as short, episodic and long-lasting, virtually without continuing therapy. Another striking feature is that the pain is localized in only one half of the head, is very rare in both - but even then the intensity will be different. Migraine there are whatsoever organic brain lesions: tumors, strokes, trauma; and there is no communication with the pressure changes in the body (arterial hypo- and hypertension) or in the skull (intracranial pressure).

Most suffer from women, they can also transmit the disease to their descendants in the female, at least in the male line. Migraine attacks can be caused by overexertion, stress, lack or excess of sleep, hormonal changes or certain food excesses (red wine, strong cigars, fish, nuts, chocolate).

Attacks begin with a small light and phonophobia, nausea, weakness, lethargy, disorientation and dizziness. Further, the pain appears in one of the halves of the head, cover the eyes, jaw, cheek, begins to pulsate and may be increased by any precipitating factors.

In the treatment of migraine half the battle - it is preventing attacks. And there must be closely monitored by the patient: it is necessary to isolate the triggers, their intensity, whether they act together or individually. You also need the daily routine and follow it religiously: wake up and fall asleep in one and the same time, avoid stress, overwork, receiving products that have previously caused seizures.

Unfortunately, even a careful prevention will only reduce the frequency of seizures (sometimes dramatically) and lead to mitigation. It is therefore necessary to resort to drug therapy, which should be picked up by your doctor individually for you and your migraine.

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