Meteozavisimost: illness or temporary discomfort

Meteozavisimost: illness or temporary discomfort
 With the statement that "There is no bad weather," may well argue those of our fellow citizens who belong to the category meteodependent people. On the change of weather stiff joints, poshalivaet heart, headache, "walks" the pressure, somnolence, or uncontrolled activity - all signs meteozavisimosti.
 If changes in the atmosphere you react only because you sleepy or harassing attacks extraordinary excitement, it is not a problem. Experts call this the body's reaction to the weather normal. But if in the same way you feel sudden changes in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, acute signs of any chronic disease, it is a serious reason to pay attention to their health and seek medical advice.

Such a reaction of the body may occur for a long time until the atmospheric phenomena. For example, when an unstable temperature in people with cardiovascular disease, there may be signs of vascular dystonia, increased blood pressure. And health to deteriorate in a few hours before the sudden change in temperature or atmospheric pressure. General weakness, headache, joint pain can cause even the banal change of wind. Not to mention such a scourge for heart patients as high humidity.

In such circumstances, those suffering from heart disease is out of control almost everything: they are not just hard to breathe because of heart rhythm disturbances ready to jump out of my chest, the pressure is not very stable. Seriously increases the risk of heart attack or severe angina attack. According to specialists, there are even cases where cardiac patients died before the storm. Statistics show that about 90% of people respond to high humidity and the same mark its dependence on magnetic storms. Weather changes affect the weak links of the nervous system, patients suffering vessels are felt old injuries and fractures. Those who had to go through an arm or leg amputation, complaining of severe pain is in this extremity.

Try to overcome meteozavisimost, of course, you can. Even if you can not entirely eliminate the influence of the weather, in any case, you need to help your body is going through these difficult times. To do this, take care of the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems. Take your vitamins, try to make your meals healthier. Watch the weather forecast and if the change is coming, time to take their stabilizing drugs. It will be useful to reduce the physical stress, and even abolish it altogether. Well, walk in the fresh air will be useful to everyone: those who meteozavisim, and those who look to the vagaries of weather, with a smile.

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