Lumbar pain. Radiculitis

Lumbar pain. Radiculitis
 Sciatica is a disease of the peripheral nervous system. It is caused by compression of the vertebrae the spinal cord, which causes inflammation and their pain. Sciatica is accompanied by a sharp pain in the lower back.

Nature of the manifestation of the disease is distributed as a sudden sharp pain in the lumbar spine. Removal of snow - a classic situation of "lumbago". The spine has a very complex structure, so do not be surprised when there arise adverse events.

Extension of the body from a bent position with a turn to the side, accompanied by a very high load on the lower part of the waist. However, in each case to determine which tissue is damaged, is very difficult.

Causes of sciatica can be:
• impairment of spinal nerves;
• age neoplasms of the vertebral bodies, which cover the hole between them;
• displacement of the vertebrae; inflammation in the muscles and nerves located near pressing on its back;
• as a result of a herniated lumbar disc;
• spinal injuries;
• tumors of the peripheral nervous system;
• infectious diseases of the nervous system.

The most characteristic symptom of sciatica - pain that spreads to the leg. Localized pain in the buttocks or thighs, legs, feet. In this case, stand, walk and generally find a painless position is not possible.

Sometimes, carefully changing the position of the body, pain be softened, but any failure of the movement only strengthens it. At the same time can be lost sensitivity legs, greatly reducing its power.

Muscles and individual toes spread often "shooting pain". The fact that this neurological disease, proves sensitivity test, muscle strength, and reflexes.

Primarily, the treatment regimen recommended bed. To a certain extent reduce the suffering, it is necessary to lie in bed on your side or your back with legs bent. Depending on the severity of the disease is two to three weeks.

Drugs - painkillers and anti-inflammatory - usually allow to stop the most severe pain. Also, treatment involves the use of a variety of methods: a combination of compressions and stretching in the direction along the spine, exercises for the lower back, acupuncture.

As you know, excessive load on the spine provide heavy lifting, so the subsequent work necessary to avoid them.

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