Learn to not jam problems

Learn to not jam problems
 Today, more than ever, to mankind is the problem of excess weight. This disease affects more than a quarter of the population in developed countries. And, as it is not sad, but statistics show that this ailment is most susceptible to the beautiful half of humanity. And the biggest oddity is that about 70% of obese women can easily throw off those extra pounds if they adhere to a set of rather simple advice, but do not know it.

According to the latest statistical report, only 30% of women with excess weight, completeness - a consequence of health problems. In the remaining 70% - the result of addiction, which is generated as early as childhood. This tendency has arisen at a time when my mother, wanting to comfort her crying daughter for the first time gave her a piece of candy. Continue to do so over and over again, the child's parents have developed the habit of seeking solace in the absorption of "goodies". Thus, the bite was the way out of a stressful situation.

There are several ways to solve this problem: consultation and supervision by a psychologist or self-learning control over his senses. Most people do not like to see a doctor. And, knowing this, leading experts provide advice to those who decided on their own to stop the console ourselves with food, in the form of simple steps.

Step one
More than half of obese women afraid to admit that there is a problem it is they, not their friends or acquaintances, and just at them. Therefore, initially, you just need to recognize the existence of the problem.

Step Two
Recognize the problem and to understand yourself. Find out under what stress the feeling of hunger. Maybe it's fear, resentment, or dissatisfaction.

Step Three
Write and hang in plain view a list of things you can do, if there was a sudden feeling of hunger, for example, do the cleaning, call a friend, go for a walk. If the desire to eat is so great that dealing with it is not possible, then try not to keep the homes of those products that have a negative impact on the body, such as biscuits, candy, cookies, chips, and many others. It is better to replace them with apples, pears or other fruit.

Step Four
Never to return to the problem, and all the power to spend on her decision. It is worth remembering that the habit is produced twenty-one days and sixty-nine more days it is fixed. That is, will have to suffer just ninety days. It is unlikely that this is too high a price for a great figure.

These tips can be applied in your life, but you can not use. You can use them, but you can continue to cherish his problem. And then it will grow and grow, and with it will grow and grow those extra pounds. But after reading this article, no one else and will never be able to say that he had not had a chance to get rid of excess weight.

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