Indications, surgery and rehabilitation after kruroplastiki

Indications, surgery and rehabilitation after kruroplastiki
 Kruroplastikoy called an operation to correct the shape of the legs and inner thighs. Unfortunately, these problems are almost impossible to resolve with conservative methods (massage, exercise, etc.). And they cause a lot of trouble, starting with the aesthetic discomfort and ending with the physical discomfort such as diaper rash and abrasions caused by constant contact with each other thigh.

Indications kruroplastike: explicit fat, drooping soft tissue or loss of tone and loose skin at the top of the inside of the thighs.

Procedure kruroplastiki

As before every operation, especially plastic, before kruroplastikoy must pass all the required tests and consult a surgeon. Today, there are 2 methods of operation: inguinal and lonno-groin. Hence the location of the scar is different. When the method of the inguinal incision rather complicated form representing an obtuse angle, which takes place directly on the pubic area. Soft tissue thigh and pulled gently exfoliate, and then attached to the tendon rather large muscle which is located on the inside of the thigh. After tightening the surgeon puts cosmetic seams. Unfortunately, most of them bad scars are hidden, especially if you prefer high lingerie or swimsuit. Scars left over from the operations made by the second method, easy to hide any underwear or bathing suits.

If you need correction of body fat, it will combine with liposuction kruroplastiku. Then the first on the inside of the thigh pump out excess fat, and after that produce skin tightening. Both operations are performed both under general and local anesthesia.

Operated patients rehabilitated after kruroplastiki usually 7 to 10 days. But in this case, if the operation is carried out without additional liposuction i.e. no need to wear a special compression garment. Otherwise, a compression garment must be worn no more than two weeks, after which physical activity can be restored in full. After surgery, the patient is observed in the clinic or outpatient. Outpatient observation will have to spend a day in the clinic, after which it will be necessary to make 1-2 dressings.

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