Hypochondria: illness or mood?

Hypochondria: illness or mood?
 Certainly any young person if she wants to stay young and healthy as possible. Many of them are afraid of old age. But old age is often associated with various diseases. This is quite normal. However, there is also a panicky fear any serious health changes for the worse. In this case, the person may withdraw from the track even common cold. As a result - the strongest stress or even a nervous breakdown. This condition is called hypochondria.

Hypochondria is often confused with a bad mood, depression, or normal spleen. Hypochondriacs call people at hypochondria. They are not very difficult to recognize: they are insecure, prone to frequent digging in themselves and often feel guilty. Although hypochondria can develop in a completely healthy person. The impetus for this can serve as a contemplation of the results of any illness of a loved one. Such people are starting to yourself "treat" pills, traditional medicines, regular clinic visits. Although physically they are likely perfectly healthy.

Hypochondriacs are often nervous and anxious about their health, while digging in the medical encyclopedias and reference books in search of the symptoms that supposedly they have. Hypochondria - it is rather a mental illness than decadent mood, so can be called a hypochondriac patients. Nevertheless, it is worth us to look at his medical record, and we immediately surprised at how this person is healthy. A complaint about the terrible pain - it's just a figment of his imagination.

As already mentioned, the fear of serious and even incurable diseases common to almost everyone. And it's perfectly normal feeling which does not need to be adjusted. But with obsessive fears must be addressed. It is necessary to take the person to the hospital to doctors conducted a comprehensive survey of the whole organism "sick." Most of these people settle down, seeing that they are really healthy.

There are anger management technique. You only need to continuously and unobtrusively insist hint Imaginary Invalid his excellent health and how well he looked. Starting convince themselves independently, hypochondriac can quickly deal with the disease.

But give hypochondriac drink pills and potions impossible. Such a person as a result of uncontrolled medication may be of the same and poisoned. It is also worth to remove from the access zone "patient" any medical literature and restrict viewing all sorts of programs about health and medicine. I assure hypochondriac that he is completely healthy and disease will disappear as suddenly as it had appeared.

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