How to win dystonia

How to win dystonia
 According to some reports from vascular dystonia (VVD) suffers every second inhabitant of the planet. Unfortunately, this unpleasant disease affects not only adults but also children. Therefore, we must learn to facilitate its negative consequences.  
 IRR - is not a simple disease, which has several types and quite differently manifested in humans. It is cardiac, hypertensive and hypotensive types, each of which requires a special approach and treatment. But certain measures can facilitate the course of the disease, regardless of its type. For Example:

Stick to routines. Particular attention is paid to the quality and duration of sleep. It is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours.

Exercise. Of course, exercise, a healthy person, you can not, but it will be useful for jogging, aerobics, dancing, and swimming in the pool. The main thing - to focus on their own well-being and not exhaust yourself.

Watch out for food. It should be rich in foods containing vitamin B group (nuts, dried fruits, legumes, grains) and vegetable fats. Pickled and canned foods is desirable to completely eliminate, like caffeinated (chocolate, strong tea, coffee, energy).

Visit psychologist. Very often provoke the development of ESP difficulties associated with emotional disorders and psychological difficulties. Therefore, psychological counseling to help them identify and thereby improve the outcome of the general condition.

Take a Tour of massage. Very well helps normalize blood circulation and relieve the condition massage neck and neck area and head, and in some cases, and massage of hands and feet.

Do not neglect phytotherapy. With this method should be particularly careful because herbs have different contraindications, and are selected depending on the type of VSD. For example, motherwort, valerian and peony are common sedatives. A poppy and quince are recommended only when hypertensive type in mind diuretic action.

If this does not alleviate the combined effect of the disease, then you need to resort to medication that can be prescribed only after a thorough examination the doctor. Remember that the IRR - is not the condition in which it is possible to be treated the same as the neighbor (a relative, friend, etc.) - it individually.

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