How to treat macular degeneration

How to treat macular degeneration
 Macula - the central part of the retina, which is very important for vision, it can help a person can see objects that are in front of the eyes. It is composed of photosensitive cells fragile. Condition, when these cells are damaged, is called macular degeneration. This disease should be treated.
 This disease is classified into two types. Dry macular degeneration is more common. It proceeds very slowly and leads to loss of central visual field. This kind of disease is incurable. Wet macular degeneration is rarely diagnosed. With her at the retina formation of new blood vessels that are very tender and permeable to blood. This leads to bleeding, formation of connective tissue, and as a result - loss of vision. In the early stages of this disease respond well to treatment. This does not cause ocular pain and does not cause complete blindness since peripheral vision is retained. When this man is hard to read, write, it is impossible to drive a car.

Most disease occurs in older women. Its cause may be smoking, ultraviolet radiation, lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet, poor circulation in the vessels of the eye, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels in the blood. The disease can be transferred and inherited.

Symptom of macular degeneration is considered the deterioration of central vision. Objects have a distorted view. There is a sensitivity to light. In some cases, patients complain of a black spot in the center of the field of view.

Macular degeneration treatment is carried out by several methods. Local therapy is the use of drugs that protect the eye tissues, strengthens the vascular wall. They are used in the form of tablets or injection under the conjunctiva of the eyeball. Also used photodynamic therapy. The patient is given a drug that increases light absorption in the formed receptacles, and then, at the newly formed vascular membrane behind the retina, the laser is directed. New blood flows thrombosing, bleeding stop, vision is restored.

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