How to treat diseases of the joints

How to treat diseases of the joints
 With age, many people have painful joints. She then calms down, then rises again. There are many medicines for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis. But is it possible to cure the joints, using folk remedies?
 The most serious symptom of diseases of the joints, in addition to pain, is to restrict their mobility. The joint becomes inflamed and cartilage is destroyed. Very often this leads to joint replacement operations.

In order to somehow extend and restore your joint, it is necessary to begin to perform gymnastic exercises. However, it is impossible to give a strong burden on the patients limb. All classes must be moderate. In any case, do not perform active exercises. Exercise requires very mild, low-amplitude movements. They should provide a permanent and long-term food joints. Permanent makeup diseased cells facilitates their rapid regeneration.

All exercises should be simple and accessible. They must perform a long time, several hours each day. It is quiet easy leg lifts in a sitting position, rotation, flexion. These exercises will not injure painful joints.

In addition to physical exercise, it is necessary to use folk remedies. This is a different packs and rubbing, which relieves pain and inflammation.

Must also be substances which contribute to the removal of salts from the body. One common means is the infusion of laurel. Take 5 grams of leaf and pour 350th grams of boiling water. Give night brew. And then during the day, take small sips. Immediately drink a lot of impossible, as may start bleeding. After this infusion urine will become pink hue - this means that the salts are dissolved and removed from the body. The course of this treatment - three days. Then you need to take a break for two weeks and repeat.

Good result gives reception rice. This product is very good pulls salt. Soak 3 tablespoons rice for five days. Water changed regularly. Then cook and eat on an empty stomach. After eating rice for 4 hours do not eat other food. Then you can eat as usual. Course of treatment per week.

To reduce joint pain watch their diet. Eat as little as possible and salty canned food, do not eat smoked meat and flour products.

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