How to recognize rubella

How to recognize rubella
 Rubella - epidemic viral disease most often occurs in children, which is due to timely vaccination is not a threat. Exception - future mothers. In their case, rubella, especially in early pregnancy can cause serious birth defects in the baby.
 The causative agent of rubella - a virus that spreads through airborne droplets and through the mucosa of the nasopharynx is ingested. He finds the lymph nodes and begins to multiply. Lymph nodes (occipital, BTE and neck) increase; even when lightly pressed on them there are unpleasant sensations. Then a rash on the skin. Rubella may infect others during the week prior to the period of rashes and a week after.

For a couple of days before the rash worsens the human condition: may appear headache, weakness, sore throat and runny nose. Loss of appetite. A few days after the onset of rash, the temperature can rise to 39 degrees.

Rash has a pale pink color. It is round or oval spots with a diameter not exceeding 5 mm. The spots do not swell and do not merge with each other. At first they appear on the face and neck and in a few hours spread throughout the body, condensing on the extensor surfaces of the extremities, back and buttocks. Rubella rash lasts on the skin no more than three days, and then fades and disappears.

In adults, to the above characteristics sometimes added chills and aching muscles and joints. In general, the older generation, rubella harder than children. May start coughing. When rubella in adults sometimes watery eyes, especially from light. Rashes in adults is usually more abundant than in children; large patches are held for more than five days.

Often asymptomatic form and rubella - with no signs of illness. It is because it is important to carry out several examinations per antibody during pregnancy. Rubella virus can cross the placenta to the fetus and cause him malformations or congenital rubella.

Bed rest rubella assigned only at high temperature. The patient should drink more. At the stage of eruption should take calcium supplements. Children after the disappearance of rubella is often prescribed multivitamins.

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