How to recognize diabetes

How to recognize diabetes
 Diabetes - a disease characterized by an increase in blood sugar levels due to insufficient production of insulin - type 1 diabetes or immunity cells to its assimilation - type 2 diabetes. In the diagnosis of disease doctor draws attention to the patient's complaints and objective test results. Timely detection of diabetes allows a full life and to avoid irreversible consequences.  
 Recognize diabetes you can, if you carefully will refer to the state of his health. Contact a doctor if you experience a constant feeling of thirst, frequent urination is present, anxious at night. Also pay attention to dry mouth, constant colds, general malaise, fatigue, dry skin, nonhealing wounds and abscesses - all of which can be initial signs of diabetes.

Also, diabetes is characterized by increased or decreased appetite, rapid weight gain or loss, recurring leg cramps that occur because of the rapid loss of magnesium and potassium.

All these symptoms may not be, or they will come later, but regardless of that rational periodically undergo a medical examination to promptly identify not only diabetes, but also other equally serious diseases.

Diabetes mellitus with 100% certainty can be diagnosed after undergoing a blood test with a load and no-load and urine. If you do not have diabetes, the results of the analysis of blood sugar level of the vein will not exceed 7, 8 mmol / L of fasting. Upon receiving the sugar syrup sugar level to 11, 1 mmol / l - is prediabetes if sugar level above this form of diabetes is evolved.

If you are diagnosed with this disease, you should systematically implement the recommendations of the doctor and measure your blood sugar at home using a glucometer. Fasting sugar level does not exceed 3, 3- 5, 5 mmol / L after 1 hour postprandial 8 mmol / l.

If you spend a treatment and did not exceed these marks, then you manage to compensate for diabetes. When exceeding the performance rethink your diet and see your doctor to review treatment strategies.

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