How to recognize a stroke

How to recognize a stroke
 Stroke is a circulatory disorder in the brain, causing the death of his areas of tissue. Causes of stroke are many - is hypertension, atherosclerosis, vascular disease of the brain, blood, etc.
 Strokes are hemorrhagic and ischemic. Hemorrhagic stroke is characterized by rupture of diseased vessels of the brain, or the passage of red blood cells through the vascular wall.

Typically, hemorrhagic stroke develops suddenly. He often occurs after physical or emotional stress. At the same time there was a huge loss of consciousness, redness of the face, forehead perspiration. Breathing becomes hoarse, loud, sharp rises blood pressure. In some cases, there is vomiting. In hemorrhagic stroke patient's body temperature rises, it breaks. On the side opposite to the hearth hemorrhage marked paralysis of the arms and legs.

If you have any of these signs of a person should immediately raise his head, to impose its ice packs to reduce blood pressure, and call an ambulance.

Ischemic stroke is usually caused by atherosclerosis of the brain, low blood pressure, increased blood clotting. In ischemic stroke patients have headache, dizziness, staggering gait, weakness, numbness of hands and feet. Often occur fainting, in the heart may occur pain. Face of a man who has had a stroke, pale, pulse weakens, blood pressure often decreases.

Stroke is necessary as soon as possible to provide patient care. If it was done within 2-3 hours after its development, the probability of a favorable outcome is quite large.

If you think that a person having symptoms of a stroke, draw a simple test. Ask him to smile. Stroke smile becomes unnatural curve or like a grin. Let the patient raise the arm. Stroke can not be retained in that position for a long time or even raise. In addition to stroke characteristic speech disorder, so the victim, it is unlikely, clearly pronounce any phrase. If the patient has the above symptoms are present, call the emergency assistance, noting that it is a suspected stroke.

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