How to overcome the disease

How to overcome the disease
 Long-term illness not only reduce overall health, but also the mood. With the right approach to treatment can defeat even the most insidious disease. Most importantly, time to consult specialists, and not to self-medicate.
 Take our quick organism on modern equipment. This will help to see an accurate picture of the disease and adjust the previously prescribed treatment. For this purpose, consult a doctor, which should give you a referral. If the diagnosis has long been known, but the therapy does not make the slightest result, ask him to reconsider.

Be sure to follow all the recommendations and follow the regimen of drugs to quickly defeat the disease. If necessary, agree to inpatient treatment. Do not need to drink more tablets than shown on this you will not get better.

If you do not contraindicated physical activity, jogging, skiing and ice skating in the winter, visit the swimming pool. Organism must be enriched with oxygen and blood to circulate quickly, then the immune system recovers. If you do not have the strength to exercise, just go for a walk on the street, preferably closer to the groves or in the woods.

Proper and regular food plays an important role in the process of recovery. Eliminate different diets, unless, of course, they are not prescribed by a doctor. Every day, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat protein-rich foods: milk, eggs, cheese, meat, fish and other seafood.

Take your vitamins and antioxidant complexes. The first remedy the lack of nutrients in the body. A second withdraw toxins that are the result of the collapse of the pathogens and the use of drugs.

Gradually, you will begin to feel much better and more energetic. But the course of treatment you need to go to the end, instead of throwing it immediately as soon as relieved. Otherwise, the disease will reappear soon.

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