How to identify endometriosis

How to identify endometriosis
 Endometriosis - a disease characterized by the growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometrium). It is the third most common gynecological disorder after uterine fibroids and inflammatory processes in the pelvic area. Most often suffer from endometriosis women of reproductive age, especially closer to the age of forty.
 Endometriosis in women, to have more than once, there is less (26-28%) than in nulliparous (35-40%). But in some cases, the appearance of this disease and possibly in adolescent girls: almost half of the girls in this age group operated on for pelvic pain, endometriosis reveal.

Exact numbers of cases of endometriosis is unknown, it is associated with a difficult diagnosis of the disease and its asymptomatic in some cases. In this pathology is found in about 70% of women with pelvic pain. These data illustrate well the need for preventive visits to the gynecologist.

Symptoms of the disease can be quite varied. They largely depend on the characteristics of the female body. In some cases, endometriosis, generally does not manifest itself in time and set it can only preventive medical examination.

Pain symptom manifests itself in 45-65% of patients with endometriosis. Very painful menstruation with the symptoms of dysmenorrhea. Along with the usual menstrual bleeding may occur brownish discharge from the genitals, persist for several days after the end of the month.

Pelvic pain associated with endometriosis is not related to the menstrual cycle, observed in 16-29% of women. This pain is caused by a secondary inflammation developing in the affected organs. Some women have severe pain during intercourse. Frequent pain in the lumbar region, irregular menstruation and excessive profusion.

Another common symptom of endometriosis is infertility. It is found in 35% of patients. The reason for this may vary tubes, ovaries, etc.

If you are using intrauterine contraception, abortions and smoke, increases the likelihood of disease endometriosis.

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